On a healing and awakening path? What a healer actually does.

To heal means is to make something whole again.

My intention through my work is to invite you to heal. Not because I believe you are broken, quite the opposite in fact. But because;

I see your wholeness. I stand for your greatness. I witness who you truly are.

And yet in our journey through life, we often forget this.

We struggle and stress often…

We meet challenges….

We come face to face with darkness….

We wonder what we are here for…

We resist what life is trying to initiate and elevate us into….

And we miss the cue. We miss the invitation.

This is often because the invite doesn’t come in the form of a pretty package. It comes dressed up in the form of  challenge, pain, fatigue, discomfort, resistance, illness, conflict or confusion.

But don’t let looks be deceiving.

Life in all its guises, is constantly extending us an opportunity to meet ourselves, each other and life itself on a much deeper, more whole and sacred level.

It is in choosing to meet yourself and life at this deeper level, that we learn and remember how to:

See our challenges and triumphs as our greatest opportunities for soul + personal growth.

Meet our darkness so we can open to the fullness of our light.

Take responsibility for ourselves, lives + actions and to stop blaming others.

Awaken to our unique power, gifts and talents.

Embody more of both our humanity and soul essence.

Open to more love, joy, freedom and abundance.

Impact others positively by the depth of who we are.

In other words, we awaken more to our inherent wholeness and we live a more empowered, fulfilling and authentically aligned life.

So what does a healer or a spiritual counsellor actually do?

A healer stands for your wholeness. They see your shine and potential. They witness who you truly are.

It is a gift to be seen in your wholeness by another, and to see it for yourself too. To believe in that. To choose that.

And that type of discovery requires a special kind of approach, one which honours and sees all of you.

Your mind. Your body. Your spirit. And your heart. Together as One.

In my work as a healer, teacher and counsellor, I both walk a path of self-healing everyday and have trained for many years in specific modalities to support the awakening of your multi-faceted being.

Because we are human beings having a spiritual experience at this time.

We are both human beings who have minds, egos, bodies, trauma and emotions


We are spiritual beings who have a soul, heart and an inherent connection to Spirit (or God, the Universe, a higher energy or consciousness, whatever your personal beliefs resonate with).

Spiritual counselling therefore is a path of healing, that addresses both the needs of your mind and emotions with that of your heart and spirit, together.

Both your humanness and your soul is honoured.

And in doing so I combine conventional psychotherapeutic methods which facilitate healing on a mental and emotional level with spiritual and energetic healing interventions which support you on the level of your energy, soul and Spirit.

It is through this integrative approach, that you are empowered to heal the root cause of what’s standing in the way of you experiencing your inherent wholeness from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

This supports deep, embodied and transformational healing.

Whilst choosing this path is like pressing the accelerator on your personal and spiritual development, it is also very important to remember that:

A true healer awakens your own connection to your inner knowing, intuition and wisdom of your soul.

They don’t ‘do’ the healing to you.

They facilitate your own realisations, awakening and connection to your deepest, wisest and truest self.

So why stand for your greatness, empowerment and wholeness at this time?

Because in holding you to your wholeness, I get to witness you transform, love and ignite inspiration both within yourself, your loved ones and on the planet.

Now more than ever the world needs more people like you, willing to do the courageous personal and soul work of healing – of remembering your inherent wholeness, greatness and shine – so we can all rise.

When we individually rise, we all rise. We all remember.

And if there’s one thing this planet needs more of right now, it is a r(evolution) of empowered, conscious human beings showing up to the call of embodying who they truly are.

So….look for the invite and choose to show up for your healing, awakening and greatness, today.

It’ll be the best decision you ever make.

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