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About Meditation

Awaken the quiet. A restful revolution awaits.

Our fast paced lives demand so much of us mentally, emotionally and physically. Often we don’t realise the full extent of the strain we’re under until we get sick, can’t sleep properly, something ‘bad’ happens or we notice that we feel less than our bright, motivated and loving selves.

Stress and anxiety is an epidemic and it can insidiously creep into our lives and be normalized as ok. But really it’s not. It compromises our ability to love, to be creative, to function optimally, to connect with ourselves and each other authentically, and to give to what matters most in our lives.

We need effective ways to regulate our over stimulated nervous systems, recharge our depleted inner resources, and reconnect to a deeper sense of ourselves beyond the stress.

Cue Meditation.

What I teach

Mindfulness in Action. Soulful connection in Practice.

Meditation is just a word to describe the process of finding time for ourselves, to be with ourselves. It is as simple, or as complicated as you wish to make it!

I however, prefer the simple things in life and therefore prefer to strip my extensive practice and knowledge of meditation back to basics.

No system, no religious dogma, no guru, no ceremony…

Just straightforward, practical ways to stop, breathe, connect and be.

To rest, recharge and realise, time to be with ourselves and to connect inwards, is the most undervalued resource we have available to us human beings (notice we’re human beings, not human doings!)

I combine years of training and teaching meditation to individuals, groups and companies with a consistent yet evolving personal meditation practice.

My teaching draws on my experience as both a meditation teacher, spiritual counsellor + coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer.

I draw upon my own practice, knowledge and experience to teach you a range of tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life.

They vary from breathing techniques, visualizations and body relaxation, to ways to come back to your centre when you feel frazzled and overworked.

The techniques will empower you with the ability to notice your thoughts and body sensations, realise they aren’t your enemy, and to reach a place of peaceful acceptance within.

Learning to find stillness, presence and peace in amongst my busy everyday life, transformed me for the immeasurable better. I hope I have the opportunity to share these simple, yet transformational tools and practices with you too.

How to Learn Meditation

Simple ways to rest, recharge & reconnect.

I teach busy people how to find space, presence and calm in amongst their everyday lives.

I teach the basic techniques of meditation along with an opportunity to practice privately in person or online, and within organisations.

The course comprises of 4 x 75 min sessions, usually experienced as one session each week for 4 weeks, so you can report back with questions and receive support whilst you build your new practice.

The course is tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, yet covers a number of core principles in developing, maintaining and embedding a regular meditation practice into your unique life.

Sessions consist of 1-1 tuition of technique(s), tangible experiences of meditation in the sessions and discussion around experiences and practicalities of how to get the most from your practice.

Suitable for both complete beginners to more experienced practitioners alike, this is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship to yourself, others and to life itself.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to take a meditation course, I also provide meditation sound experiences which are opportunities for you to experience deep calm, restoration and relaxation. You can read more about these sessions below.

“Naomi is a fantastic and inspiring meditation teacher. I have been to various meditation workshops in the past from different schools but none felt as authentic as this. Naomi’s genuine warmth and compassion leaves you feeling serene, energised and uplifted at the end of any session. I look forward to joining her retreats for years to come!”

Natasha, Entrepreneur, London

“I was feeling exhausted as I walked in, so much so that I was questioning whether I could sit through the one hour session. I really enjoyed the techniques and guided meditation. I left feeling totally refreshed!”

Participant at Egon Zehnder, London

“I have had the pleasure of working with Naomi over the course of the last few years. She is my meditation teacher as well as my coach. Working with Naomi has been one of the greatest experiences I have had on my journey of self-improvement. Naomi embodies authenticity with her calm energy and her willingness to share the details of her own experiences.

She has a wonderful balance of being non-judgmental whilst also encouraging you to put in the work required to continuously improve and continue on your personal path. She patiently imparts wisdom which helps to empower her students with a foundation of knowledge – providing a lifetimes worth of benefits! Naomi is wonderful and I am grateful to have her in my life!”

 Serena, Marketing, London

“I don’t say this lightly, but Naomi through her teaching of meditation and then as a one-to-one coach, has had a life-changing impact on me.

When other people comment on the change, you know the change is true and real. As a teacher and coach her warmth, compassion, presence and open-heartedness all come together to centre on you as a client. And all of this is done purely with the intention of allowing you to create and develop your own self-realisation, awareness, change and personal growth.”

Greg, Private Banking, London

Meditation Sound Journey

Experience deep rest in sound and silence.

A sound journey is a meditative acoustic experience, which brings the listener into a state of deep rest, inner calm and peace.

Utilising the incredibly resonant tones of the crystal singing bowls, a seamless soundscape is created, which is not just heard by the ears, but the pure tones and frequency of the bowls can be felt throughout the body, energy centres (chakras) and organs.

This makes a meditation sound journey a highly effective, accessible and enjoyable way to experience the multiple benefits of meditation and deep relaxation on the whole mind-body system.

Together with my experience as an energy healer, I combine the sound and vibration of the crystal singing bowls, with energy healing techniques to allow your body to receive rebalancing, deep rest and restoration.

People are often surprised how easily they drop into this state of altered awareness and meditation, even if they have never tried meditation or sound healing before.

Individuals report coming away from a session feeling refreshed, lighter, deeply rested, and having received insights or clarity over something that was previously concerning them.

Sessions are 75 mins and available online and in-person.

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