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About Healing

Experience deep mind-body-spirit balance and connection

Our human bodies are complex energy systems which are constantly receiving and transmitting information – both in response to our external environment and to our internal processes.

Often this flow of energy can get blocked and stuck, both within and around us, and this can lead to a range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues and symptoms.

Healing is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful opportunity to realign the energy in your whole system to flow with more ease, alignment and balance.

Individuals have reported experiencing clarity, release, deep rest, peace, greater focus, heightened creativity, improved immunity levels, physical pain relief and clear insights into themselves and their issues as a result of healing sessions.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

What to expect from a healing session

Access deep presence, rest and realignment.

Utilising a range of healing modalities, I intuitively guide you into an experience of deep presence, relaxation and inward connection.

People are often surprised how easily they drop into this state of altered awareness and self-healing, even if they have never tried meditation or healing before.

As a conduit for life-force energy, I channel this energy to you, guided by intuition and Spirit as I tune into the subtleties and complexities of your whole being.

As a healer, I am working to empower, enhance and support your own mind, body, heart and soul connection, to allow for healing to take place.

Healing is given as way to support and reawaken your own natural self-healing mechanisms, therefore a willingness to change from within you, is an essential requirement for healing to be effective

“Sound and energy vibration shall become one of the major tools by which we experience and guide our own evolution”

How the sessions work

Open your mind and heart to stillness.

Creating a safe and comfortable space for you to relax is very important. The session will begin with some space for you to share what is going on for you, before we begin the  energy healing.

No prior experience is needed to receive healing – simple sit or lie down with the eyes closed as I guide you into deep relaxation.

I work intuitively, feeling and sensing the subtleties of your physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies and guiding the session based on your immediate needs that you present with on the day.

Often I work in silence whilst channeling healing energy or weaving in gentle sound vibration, and sometimes it maybe appropriate to guide you into or through an experience that requires your interaction.

No physical touch is required to receive healing, but occasionally I may place my hands on areas of the body that may need specific attention. I always ask permission before doing so and if you feel uncomfortable with this, all healing can take place effectively without any touch. You are fully clothed throughout the session time.

Healing sessions are available in person in Hampstead Heath aswell as remotely online too. Distance healing is just the same as being in the room with me, and clients report no difference in receiving the effects in person or online.

Each 75 min session is standalone in its benefit, but it maybe that a course of sessions is recommended over a period of time, depending on your needs.

“I have building works outside my house at the moment and had not been sleeping well this week, feeling exhausted and irascible. After the session, I felt as if I had slept 4 hours and am completely refreshed today. Loved it.”

Maryann, Recruitment, London

“I met Naomi at the point when I had been going through a really challenging period, still recovering from the negative impact of a recent surgery, suffering from anxiety, disrupt sleep patterns and overwhelming feeling of loneliness. I was so lost and confused. 

I am not good at opening up to people, but Naomi ‘won me over’ straightway with her contagious positivity and creating a safe and supportive environment.

I am so touched by her support, helping me to overcome some personal insecurities and doubts and what’s more, helping me to understand myself better and to accept who I am. Every session with her is memorable, illuminating and empowering! Thank you, Naomi!” 

Mira, Pharmacist, London

“We regularly ask Naomi to deliver guided meditations and sound journeying experiences for our workplace clients as part of their wellbeing programmes. Naomi receives consistently fantastic feedback from both our clients themselves and the participants in the sessions too. She is also just an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Abby, Work Wellbeing, London

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